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In 2013, in response to the needs of digital LED Pixel control systems, deskontrol electronics was born in Valencia - Spain

We develop and manufacture ArtNet Pixel Controller.

At deskontrol electronics, we specialize in LED lighting control solutions. Specifically, we manufacture ArtNet Pixel Controller, this PixelController it's designed for the individual control of Digital LED Pixel.

With over five years experience, the products we develop are increasingly powerful and effective.

We design to improve performance continuously and electronics manufacture under the ISO9001 standard in Europe.

Our commercial attention, technical support and after sales service, solving any doubt or query with our clients in the fastest way.

deskontroller LITE

ArtNet Controller for digital LED Pixels and digital LED strips.

ArtNet PixelController deskontroller LITE

ArtNet Pixel Controller for digital Pixels and Strips

Pixel Controller high performance

deskontroller LITE is the result of research and development over the last 6 years and allows us to offer a professional product of high performance with significant improvements in performance and functionality.

The new Pixel Controller deskontroller LITE provide different models suitable for each project, from 16 to 96 universes.

Capable of handling up to 96 universes, or 49,152 channels at 50 fps. with maximum precision and without latency.

ArtNet protocol, supported by most spectacular LED lighting programs.

Designed and manufactured in Europe with the full guarantee of deskontrol electronics.

Simple output system with UTP cable.

With standard network cables, using the RJ45 adapters included with the deskontroller, making an installation is much easier. For most chipsets, there may be UTP cable distances from 50 to 100 meters from the deskontroller LITE, to the first pixel of each output.

ArtNet PixelController deskontroller LITE outputs

ArtNet PixelController deskontroller LITE output test

Control test of each output.

When performing an installation, it is important to quickly locate any errors. Now with these new control tools, without additional software, you can check all your installation and check the Patch faithfully.

Review any LED installation is much simpler, allowing through the setup of the deskontroller LITE, control with simple automatic test of all outputs or each output and each pixel individually.

Test effects.

Use your deskontroller LITE independently of the software to check the LED installation.

Pre-programmed effects to be able to do installation tests without software or patch.

LED types supported.

APA102, DM413, D705, D707, D708

GE8812, GS8206, GS8208, LPD1101, LPD6803, LPD6813, LPD8803, LPD8806, P9813, P9816, SK6812, SK9822, SM16703, SM16716, SM16726

TM1803, TM1809, TM1812, TM1814, TM1903, TM1914

UCS1903, UCS1903B, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, UCS3903, UCS5903, UCS6909, UCS6912, UCS7009, UCS8903

WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, WS2812, NEOPIXEL, WS2812B, WS2812S, WS2813, WS2813A, WS2813B, WS2813C, WS2813D, WS2815, WS2818

Custom (Custom chipset timming T0H and T1H)

ArtNet PixelController deskontroller LITE digital pixels and strips

ArtNet PixelController deskontroller LITE setup

Additional configuration and tools.

Basic configurations such as IP, subnet, IC type, etc.

Now deskontroller LITE incorporates multiple control tools and facility verification into the setup.

IC type custom. Manually select the times T0H and T1H.

Turbo mode. Increase the speed of the strips up to 50%

Discover. Locate and configure from the setup, ArtNet devices connected to the network.

Status. Real-time information of the communication, framerate, diagnosis, quality of the ArtNet signal.

Real-time control speed for optimal performance.

Supported by the best software.

ArtNet, is one of the most used systems for the control of Pixel LED by the best programs in the market.

Support ArtNet I, ArtNet II, ArtNet III, ArtNet IV.

Works with any software or console that supports the ArtNet® protocol: As MADRIX, Resolume, MadMapper, TouchDesigner, VVVV, MagicQ PC, LightFactory, xLights, LXconsole, Glediator, Qlight, Lightjams, Enttec light mapper, Jinx, Mapio, and others.

- ArtNet™ Designed by and Copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd.
- All other company names and/or product names are trademarks and/or entered trademarks of their respective holders.
ArtNet PixelController deskontroller LITE software

deskontroller LITE, models availables

From 1 universe by output up to 6 universes by output. Access our online store to buy it.

deskontroller LITE
16 universes

1 universe by output.
16 outputs.
8192 channels

deskontroller LITE
32 universes

Up to 2 universes by output.
16 outputs.
16384 channels

deskontroller LITE
48 universes

Up to 3 universes by output.
16 outputs.
24576 channels

deskontroller LITE
64 universes

Up to 4 universes by output.
16 outputs.
32768 channels

deskontroller LITE
80 universes

Up to 5 universes by output.
16 outputs.
40960 channels

deskontroller LITE
96 universes

Up to 6 universes by output.
16 outputs.
49152 channels

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